About copurification.org

This site is intended for the curation of images displaying protein co-purification banding patterns resulting from affinity capture followed by e.g. SDS-PAGE and protein staining. The conditions of each affinity capture experiment curated here are linked to the resulting banding pattern so that purifications carried out in different conditions and/or by different researchers can be effectively searched and compared to one another. See our HOWTO and FAQ for instructions and tips. This site should be particularly useful for labs running large numbers of exploratory affinity capture experiments to easily organize and refer back to results, and for others wishing to navigate such results to benefit from the cumulative exploration of many researchers.

This site will contain two interfaces: one public and one private. In the private interface only the account holder can access the data s/he uploads and the account holder is free to edit or change or delete the data. Data lodged privately may be made publicly accessible at the account holder's desire, but this is especially encouraged upon publication. Public data may be accessed and searched by any user, but is locked and cannot be freely removed or otherwise changed. Importantly, this site is designed to integrate with and meet the criteria of the MIAPE and MIBBI initiatives.

This is public beta version 0.9 of this site and it will continually evolve to meet the needs of curating and data mining affinity capture co-purification experiments. Currently, only the private side of the site is available for general use. However, the data resulting from our recently developed affinity capture conditions screening process (Hakhverdyan et al, submitted) is available for searching and viewing through the public interface. See this list for features currently in the development pipeline.

As much as possible, we aim to implement Minimum Information Standards and implement Ontologies and Controlled Vocabularies to maximize the value of experimental data lodged in this repository.

This site was created by Sarah Keegan, Zhanna Hakhverdyan, John LaCava and David Fenyo - and is supported and maintained by The NCDIR and The Fenyo Lab. .