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We curate images displaying protein co-purification banding patterns resulting from affinity capture followed by e.g. SDS-PAGE and protein staining. We store the conditions of the experiment and link to the resulting banding patterns so purifications under different conditions can be compared to one another. We currently curate Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli, Mus Musculus and Homo sapiens genes and proteins. For more information on the specification format for these species, please see our HOWTO page.

You may view gels currently in our public database, which has been seeded with data resulting from our recently developed affinity capture conditions screening process (Hakhverdyan et al), and also create an account if you'd like to upload and manage your own gels. Your data are kept private until you choose to release them to the public (e.g. after publication). For more details, please see the About page.

This is public beta version 0.9 of this site and it will continually evolve to meet the needs of curating and data mining affinity capture co-purification experiments - as well as incorporating the latest appropriate "minimum information" standards. We welcome feedback and collaboration from the community.

  Latest Updates...

           * We have added support for the curation of Mouse genes via MGI systematic naming.
           * A new feature has been added so that users can share Projects and Experiments with other users of the system.
           * The ability to assign a protein or possible proteins to gel data has now been added. At the lane level, an XML file from a MS Search Engine may be assigned and used for further analysis. Currently, 5 search engines are accepted: XTandem, SEQUEST, Mascot, MSGFPlus, Andromeda. In addition, proteins may be assigned at the band level. This may be done by assigning a protein name to the band based on one of three Protein ID Methods (Western Blot, Mass Spectrometry, or Other). When choosing MS, a file must be assigned as well just as in the lane assignment.

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This site was created by Sarah Keegan, Zhanna Hakhverdyan, John LaCava and David Fenyo - and is supported and maintained by The NCDIR and The Fenyo Lab. .